New York Picture Company is a new media lab that creates ambitious work on popular platforms.

Their original work includes the New York Picture Company Show, a live late-night talk show from their bathtubs Tub Time, and the popular cooking-show parody Cooking for One: with the Crying Chef

In addition to original comedic work, NYPC works in branded content. They have been commissioned to produce spec commercials by Anheuser-Busch®, DAILIES®, and Prevacid® and sold a commercial to Frito-Lay® as part of their relaunch of LAYS® Wavy.  Their prize-winning commercials and branded short films have achieved success by marrying brand specific goals with their own unique and absurdist comedic voice to create engaging and highly shareable content. 

NYPC looks forward to creating their short film, an original superhero comedy called ZERO ISSUE.

NYPC was founded by Matt, Jim, and Zach in 2012.

Zach Bubolo

Executive Producer

Zach has over seven years of video production, organizational management, and marketing experience. For NYPC, he develops new partnerships, leads digital marketing, handles business affairs, and oversees all aspects of production. He holds an MFA from Harvard.

Matthew Cullinan

Co-Executive Producer & Writer

Matthew has worked in film and television production for over 11 years. Most recently he has written and produced unscripted content for ABC, National Geographic, and Science Channel. For NYPC he writes new content, develops new projects, and oversees post-production.

James Fagan

Co-Executive Producer & Director

Jim has an MFA in Directing and is currently at Comedy Central working as Producer for their premiere YouTube shows. He has worked as director for Live from Lincoln Center. He has also written for television with AMC's StoryNotes and is a writer/improviser at Upright Citizens Brigade. For NYPC, Jim directs productions, writes scripts, and oversees collaborator development.

Ali Keller


Ali has her B.A. in Theatre Arts at Bucknell University, is a Member of the Stillwater Writers Group, and a Resident Playwright at The CRY HAVOC Company, and a Member of the Dramatists Guild of America. For NYPC she coordinates production, pre-production, and post-production, including budgets, timelines, and special projects.




Cast and crew of NYPC

Cast and crew of NYPC

Matt, Jim, and Zach

Matt, Jim, and Zach

Zero Issue cast and crew

Zero Issue cast and crew