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NYPC releases a new podcast for political action to can do from your laptop. A dose of satire, a pinch of "in real life" calls to action, and fake sponsors, this new show helps you process the week in politics while telling you what you can do about it. 


Sketch Show Season Two

NYPC launched a successful second season of New York Picture Company Sketch Show which included sketches with Broadway's Anthony Rapp, and TV's Zuzanna Szdakowski. 


Cooking for One: With the Crying Chef

"Cooking for One: with the Crying Chef" was featured on and got an awesome review from

"The whole thing is hilarious (and actually does teach you how to make a pretty awesome-looking spatchcocked poussin), so I highly recommend watching it. Even if you’re doing Thanksgiving on your own, though, it doesn’t have to be the Turkey Day equivalent of Sad Desk Lunch."


Matt, Jim, and Zach were invited to give a talk on "Starting Your Own Company without Using Kickstarter" at this year's Independent Television Festival. They were able to connect with other creators, producers, and talent over three days in New Hampshire.