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Fifth Birthday

We're in kindergarten now!

A message from New York Picture Company

Everything we make is thanks to our incredible creative partners, supporters, and fans. From our team on-set, to the incredible family and friends who helped out in production, those who cheer us on on social media, or others who helped us reach our fundraising goal, it’s clear to us how much we rely on you.

We couldn't be more excited to begin edit on our superhero mockumentary Zero Issue. The ambition of the project didn't sink in until the second weekend on-set in Schroon Lake, New York. We were four hours outside of the city, and close to 50 people had showed up to crew, act, be an extra, or just support the project. The footage we shot is beautiful and the performances hilarious. We hope the completed film will match the high expectations we’ve set for ourselves and provides you endless laughs.

It feels appropriate to close our fifth year as a company with a huge post-production push ahead. Thank you for being there for us the past couple of years -- from showing up to our Sketch Show launch party, to clicking like on Facebook, and now helping Zero Issue cross the finish line.

We look forward to celebrating the release of Zero Issue with you in 2019! We hope you enjoy taking a look back through the years with us below.

- Zach, Matt, and Jim

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Year One: Pilot

NYPC creates, writes, and films Logan Davenport Soap Opera Star.

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Year Two: Commercials

NYPC expands into branded content, creating and winning spec-commercials for Lays-Wavy, ASPCA, and Budweiser among others.

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Year Three: Shows

In 2014, NYPC launches three popular and award winning shows: Cooking for One with the Crying Chef, Tub Time, and The New York Picture Company Sketch Show.

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Year Four: Scaling

In addition to attending festivals, shopping a script, and submitting pitches, NYPC expands the size and scope of their work by increasing episode length, budget, and working with actors such as Anthony Rapp, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Carolina Ravassa, and Bryce Pinkham. They also launch a satirical political podcast, Slacktivists.


Year Five: Movie

After completing a script, NYPC successfully fundraises their budget to produce, Zero Issue, the first superhero mockumentary. Their campaign is featured across comic book and superhero blogs and podcasts. Fall of 2017 sees completion of principal photography in Schroon Lake, NY.



NYPC hopes to complete Zero Issue -- with Kinetic Energy Productions -- by spring 2019.

NYPC will continue to subvert expectations through film, shorts, or audio experiences in the years to come.